Turn your pick-up into a Dump Truck with DEL Little Tipster pick-up truck dump body insert. Also great for service body vehicle applications. Ideal for hauling mulch, dirt, stone, firewood and other materials

Install Guide

** NOTE: Please read all instructions carefully prior to starting installation. **

  • Remove tailgate of pick-up truck with hardware (do not remove bumper).
  • Remove any obstructions off rear floor vertical face of pick-up truck (light clusters, etc.).
  • Remove front bolt retaining dump body to mounting frame.
  • Set tipster in box on floor. Position tipster forward as far as it will go, and yet, clear front of box, so dump body will not interfere when raising and lowering.
  • Fasten mounting frame to pick-up truck box.
  • 2 Bolts x 1 N.C. into rear tipster angle (under hinges) to rear vertical floor face of pick-up box.
  • Drill holes in pickup. Watch for wires behind.NOTE: Shimming may be required between this angle and pick-up box.
  • Raise body manually or hydraulically, and install safety prop or block. 4 Bolts 3/8x 1 N.C. into bottom tipster angle, to pick-up truck box floor. (2 each side). Watch wiring underneath.
  • Extend 3 wire cable from electric/hydraulic power pack at rear right side of tipster, (use shrink tube supplied) to dash in cab where switch no. 19-1029 will be installed. Orient switch for up down operation of unit.
  • Black – to common terminal of switch
  • White – for upoperation
  • Green – for downoperation
  • Install battery cable (supplied) from open terminal of electric/hydraulic power pack solenoid at rear right side of tipster to positive battery terminal under hood (+). Secure battery and switch cable adequately to frame of pick-up truck along length of frame.
  • Add Dexron III transmission fluid, if required, below breather cap of reservoir tank with hoist down.

Tipster Electrical / Hydraulic Installation Guidelines 2DAK Hoist