Turn your pick-up into a Dump Truck with DEL Little Tipster pick-up truck dump body insert. Also great for service body vehicle applications. Ideal for hauling mulch, dirt, stone, firewood and other materials


DEL HYDRAULICS warrants each product against defects in material and workmanship for (12) months from date of shipment when the products is returned freight prepaid, to DEL Hydraulics, Buffalo, N.Y. within the warranty period.

The only obligation of DEL Hydraulics under this warranty shall be limited to the repair or exchange of components that prove to be defective during the warranty period as stated.  DEL Hydraulics is not responsible for any labor or travel cost incurred by the customer.

This warranty applies only to new and unused DEL products, which, after shipment from said factory, have not been altered, changed, repaired, or treated in any manner whatsoever.  No warranty of any kind applies to DEL products or parts thereof, which have been damaged or have failed because of neglect, lack of maintenance, service, lubrication, wear, misuse, accidental overloading, or improper installation.  No warranty of any kind, statutory, implied or otherwise, shall apply to secondhand or used DEL products, which after shipment from said factory, have been altered, changed, repaired or treated in any manner whatsoever.

Conditions for returning products for warranty repair

1.        Call DEL Hydraulics warranty dept. and acquire a RGA within the warranty period.

2.     Return product to DEL Hydraulics, freight prepaid with the following:

  1. Original serial number tag on product.
  2. Copy of customer’s warranty service report.
  3. Date product was sold.
  4. Description of problem.
  5. RGA # written on outside of shipping package and copy of RGA in box.


DEL Hydraulics will verify the serial # to confirm that the product is within the warranty period and the product defect is covered by warranty.  If the product is covered by our warranty we will perform a thorough inspection and 100% functional test of the product.  The defective part will be repaired or replaced at our discretion to return the product to the original specifications as purchased.  The repaired product will be returned to the customer with a written report of the problem found and repairs made.

If for any reason, DEL Hydraulics determines the returned product is not covered by our warranty policy, the customer will be contacted for instructions on disposition of the product.